This is our Philosophy…..

When you read this, does it sound like you ?

“I started my business because I wanted to change the world, I wanted freedom, I wanted to do only the things that I wanted to do in life… yes, travel the world see places be there for my family but all seems lost, nothing is working for me I mean nothing.”

Don’t sulk yet, Growth is a process!

Welcome, I knew you will be here just like many entrepreneurs have, you will feel lost, lonely, disgusted and many time you wish that someone could fire you from the company you started. Yes fire you……….

Yes fire you so you don’t have to face these challenges ever. But just before you continue to drift in negative energy, let me assure you that you are in the riaght place, both and your business are at the right place. Growth is a process, I am sure you have heard the saying that it take many years to be an overnight success.

Your Structure determines your success!

Here at ready4growth, we know what it means to run a business. It’s hard work and to be honest sometimes scary but we also know that the process can be simple if thought out right. Yes, I said if structured right!

Here at ready4growth, we provide a platform where entrepreneurs share their journeys, share the tools they have used before and currently use in their businesses, tools to help you move your company and your personal growth to whole new level. Once you understand the stage you are on as an entrepreneur, it becomes easy for you to figure out what steps you need to take to achieve your goal.
Once you are in the zone, the way you work changes, your struggle disappears, growth in your business becomes visible, your relationships become enjoyable and above all you see your small steps changing the world. Now that really feels good!!!

Lets change the world together!

Just like you, we too want to change the world, we want to have a world where entrepreneurs know exactly what they want and work on what they have to work on, save the energy, hustle in the right direction.

Imagine if we can help you move in the right direction, what would that mean for you? how many bankruptcies will we help avoid and how many lives shall we save? Before I get you excited, let me spell out for you what you need.

Again, it’s always about the structure!

Well every successful Business like Every successful movie has a structure, yes all successful businesses are the same, they follow the same pattern. For businesses what does this mean?

Meet our Contributors

hugo heij
Hugo Heij

Hugo is a certified business coach specialising in helping entrepreneurs and corporate clients ‘make sense of the noise’ and find a clear path to success. Know More?

Carl Allen

Carl is an entrepreneur, investor, and corporate dealmaker. Carl has worked on transactions worth over $50 billion including over 250 acquisitions and sales. Know More?

Coaston Ahumuza

Coaston is a practising Accountant and an entrepreneur. He focuses on Growth of small businesses by achieving their goals faster with minimal calculated risk. Know More?

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