Coaston Ahumuza

Coaston is a practising Accountant and an entrepreneur. His main focus is Growth of small businesses. As a CEO of Archeo&futura Ltd, he is passionate on helping small businesses owners achieve their goals faster with minimal calculated risk. As businesses grow, often there is a need for more capital injection. Entrepreneurs either hand their equity to venture capitalists for extra cash or risk losing the business all together. Is there another way? Maybe, more money? Not necessarily, then what?

To address this issue, Coaston uses a less known technic, ETA( Entrepreneurship through acquisition). But first Coaston helps small businesses establish the right Processes with the right people and the right systems. Once the small business is #ready4growth, Coaston then helps the entrepreneurs to #10x the business by leveraging the balance sheet to expand the business operations.
For a few years now, business schools have helped their students start the entrepreneurship journey without starting from scratch by using ETA. Under this strategy, the wannabe new business owners borrow money to invest in profitable companies for a return to their investors.

To hell with the profits, entrepreneurs are a different breed, yes we want money but we care more about our goals, to change the world. Yes and we really do that( well if we dare dream)
Do you have a vision? Have you mapped out the way to achieve your goals? If you don’t have a mapped out plan, or if you have a plan but need someone to walk with you through the journey, Coaston is your guy.

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